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Show me your wallpaper!


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I imagine most of y'all are like me in that you have a very cool/inspiring/beautiful wallpaper on your PC. I find one I like allot & it stays there until I find something I like better. Always being in the market for my next best wallpaper, Show me your wallpaper!

My own is a lovely scene of a pair of F-14s. 


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My "Aircraft" folder just got a little bigger lol. Some gorgeous wallpapers in here!

My current wallpaper:


Have quite a thing for the Spitfire at the moment, been reading quite a bit of material about her as well as getting to grips with the LF Mk.IX in DCS.

Some other shots from my wallpaper folder are in order however!












Hope you like them :). By the way, @Firefly do you have any higher resolution shots of those pictures you listed? The E model 109 and the Spit look stunning!

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Of course Klaiber would want to fly MiG-31s...

"Russian MiG-31 Foxhound Shot Down Its Wingman During Disastrous Live Fire Exercise"

33 minutes ago, Pfeil said:

Mig 31. You need to look at the main wheels. Mig 31 has double wheels. Mig 25 single.

Great detail.  What if she's flying?

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