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  1. I think Gen is trying to keep it simple by using the Oseau roster numbers. That way people keep their number across platforms. Swapping the S for R is ok although I do not think it is necessary. We do NOT need to get into historical numbering schemes or patterns. The guy we do not want to meet.
  2. Definitely wait for a sale to get Bodenplatte. The sale price will drop after Normandy comes out.
  3. S! All It was a lot of fun. Excellent mission with a lot of surprises. Very professional attitude both with coms and commands. Great organization for such a large group. Many thanks to SCG for the invite.
  4. The missions are multi player that can be played by one person. They are up on the JG1 Server. I have tested them fairly well. That means I modified some positions, tried different tank matchups and got killed a lot.
  5. S! All With the recent interest in TC, I have built some missions. They are a variety of capture the flag. They can be done as a single player against AI or as teams on opposite sides. All maps have a good deal of enemy AI. Some are moving. Some are stationary. Some are hidden. Capture Lapino: First to capture the airfield wins. Medium difficulty. Lots of hidden AI and nothing to hide behind. Moving AI trying to sneak up on you. Capture Flendugal: The flag is in the city. Easy difficulty. AI is on the move and hidden in the city. Lots of farm buildings to provide some cover. Capture Novorossiysk: Capture the enemy flag at their base. Medium difficulty. Hidden AI in the city. One small surprise. Capture Bad Kringle: Capture the enemy flag at their base. High Difficulty. You must cross one of the bridges to get to the enemy flag. Lots of stationary AI guarding the bridges plus a couple of surprises. One AI enemy unit that is not recognized as a target by AI gunners. Very deadly.
  6. Butzzell

    Tank skins

    Love the tank. Thank you so much.
  7. Butzzell

    Tank skins

    S! All Not sure what we will be doing for tank skins but... I want to keep my personal symbol if possible. butzzell rabbit.psd
  8. S! All The mission is running on the JG1 server. It would be nice to get about 10 players on the German side to test it. Maybe Friday at 9 pm eastern?
  9. Wow! Very classy. Big CONGRATZ to both of you.
  10. Butzzell


    ok, trying to set up for server. not sure. have installed and started. not sure if ports are open. not sure where to put in local ip addy.
  11. S! All We switch sides this week. Blue team is Entente and Red team is Central. The spawn in point for planes has been changed from a single line abreast to an array of 5 wide by 4 deep. This is to allow more people to spawn in at a base. Please remember that when you spawn in there may be someone in front of you. This should also get rid of any bugs where planes spawn in behind hangars. Famous last words.
  12. S! All I am not sure what is causing the disco at the beginning. I am using the single line spawn in at the airfield. This limits about 6 planes in line and then someone needs to move forward for others to spawn. I am testing a multi line airfield spawn in. If it is successful, I will change them over. It would mean that you have to be careful when you spawn in because there may be someone in front of you. Obviously I do not really know what is causing the disco. Why does it happen once and then not after the restart? Is there a maximum number of players no mater what is selected in the SDS file? at present we have about 64-67 players. Server file is set to 70. I will increase it to 80. Have fixed a Supply Depot subtitle error again. I have added a Central air start to the Entente side and an Entente air start to the Central side for the practice map. This will shorten the times for practicing 2 seater missions. These are just air start. You cannot land at them to complete missions.
  13. S! All good sized update today. Option available to restrict 3Dmigoto and reshade. Update says that 3D migoto zoom not needed anymore. Zoom in game has multiple options. Update list here: Update 4.007 Dear friends, We've decided to release the new update 4.007 relatively soon after the previous one, because the fixes and improvements it brings, while not being major, are nevertheless important for the project as a whole. We have heard your feedback on the view system improvements, added new options to the multiplayer functionality, which govern the usage of graphical mods, in addition, we did additional research on the workarounds for the Direct 3D functionality not supported by one of the graphics cards vendors. Damage modeling has been improved to take into account the control systems damage (rods, wires, etc.). We have also added a new German pilot model in the early summer uniform. The full list of changes follows: 1. Ju 87 D-3 dive bomber has been upgraded to 4K external texturing thanks to Martin =ICDP= Catney, including two additional official skins; 2. Aircraft control systems DM has been upgraded. The probability of losing control in a certain control axis depends on the control wires or rods configuration of a particular aircraft and existence of a reserve control channel (or its lack thereof); 3. Workarounds for the remaining graphical artifacts on AMD cards (like black contour around the aircraft when viewed from its cockpit) have been implemented; 4. New multiplayer server option “Restrict Injectors” allows the server hosters to restrict access for users with graphics injectors like Reshade or 3dmigoto; 5. Five new mappable (RCtrl+NumPad_Del,1,2,3,0 by default) zoom commands have been added that allow quick zooming to various degrees (minimal, maximal and 3 intermediate levels). Zoom value set by a mouse or joystick axis or keyboard keys is not affected by the new quick zoom and after releasing a quick zoom button the FOV will return to the one set by an axis. These new commands work in either 2D or VR mode. The old 'VR zoom' command has been deprecated (its equivalent is the new maximum quick zoom, RCtl+NumPad_0); 6. There is a new setting in the Camera options that governs the speed of the new zoom commands; 7. Tank commander binoculars give three times more powerful zoom than before (they give a minimal FOV that is technically possible in the game); 8. The current FOV (Field Of View) value is shown next to the in-game FPS counter (that is activated by Backspace key by default); 9. Gunsight FOVs have been corrected for all tanks; 10. German fighter pilots of the Battle of Moscow, Battle of Stalingrad and Battle of Kuban have a new visual model and a sidearm during Summer (new Winter model, also with a sidearm, will be added later when it is ready). Because of this, the default camera position and user-customizable snapviews (.svc files) were changed on Bf 109-G14, Bf 109-K4, Me 262-A, Fw 190-A3, Fw 190-53, Fw 190-A8 and Fw 190-D9. The updater should overwrite the old files for these planes with the new updated ones for you, but in case this action was blocked by antivirus software on your PC and you see a wrong view in the cockpit of these aircraft in the game, please copy the new default .svc files for these aircraft from \data\LuaScripts\snapviews\defaults to \data\LuaScripts\snapviews manually. If you haven't customized the view positions on other aircraft, you can just copy all the files from snapviews\defaults to snapviews folder; 11. Bomb holders on both Bristol Fighters appear correctly depending on the ammo loadout; 12. Pedals on both Bristol Fighters appear correctly in a neutral position; 13. The issue that made the detached parts of Flying Circus aircraft invisible in the multiplayer has been found and fixed; 14. Fw 190 D-9 canopy glass appear correctly at medium distances; 15. Fw 190 D-9 oil on windshield visual effect has been restored; 16. Destroyed static KV-1 model won't have white tracks when viewed from a distance; 17. Tank turret turn indicator won't visually 'jump' when passing the back position; 18. APHE rounds stopped by the armor won't damage outside objects; 19. Train wagons won't appear detached from the locomotive in some missions; 20. Guest crew members in multiplayer will correctly hear the sound of the tank turret turning; 21. Guest crew members in multiplayer will correctly hear the sounds of the hatches closing or opening; 22. Certain HE rounds explosions can be heard from an aircraft cockpit; 23. The arm model has a correct sidearm in it in VR mode; 24. The arm model won't drop a shadow when there is no body rendered; 25. The arm model has the correct size in VR mode; 26. Missing road segments that sunk inside the terrain have been corrected on Kuban map; 27. Random CTD in multiplayer fixed in case when other player tank have been spawned.
  14. S! All, As we start this FiF please remember. Blue team is Central and is using J5 Discord. Red team is Entente and using JG1 TS. Good luck to all !
  15. S! All The present FiF is almost a completely new file. Thanks to the many people that have been testing it, most of the bugs and glitches have been found. A couple of changes from the past. A trench attack plane is not necessary. Any plane can attack the MGs when the trench attack mission pops up. The altitude for the HQ recon is above 2 km and below 4 km. There are only three locations. There is no way to know which one is active. You must fly directly over the building. About 10 seconds later you will get a message to make a second pass.
  16. The latest patch for Flying Circus may not be perfect but is felt to be a step in the right direction. We would like to go ahead with a shortened version of Flanders in Flames 2020 Spring campaign. This will be a "Dry Run" on 30, May followed by just four weeks of combat, June 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th. Each team will have two weeks as Entente and two weeks as Central. Planes will be Dolphin, SE5a, Bristol, Alb DVa, Pfalz D3, Fokker D7 vanilla - no f- and Halb CL 2. While Flying Circus allows for many more "Live" targets, we found that in the last campaign that the large number of bombing targets removed the need to do many of the specialty missions. For this campaign we will return to a map with numbered targets. The game will announce which of the targets is "Live" for this session. Machine guns still line the trenches on each side but have been removed from targets. Targets have one flak gun except for factories which have two. No trains. Entente has three ships that are stationary and must be found. Central has three ships moving on rivers. Each side has three on road vehicle convoys. Last vehicle is a flak gun. Because of soggy ground the Spy mission and the General capture mission have been removed. The Prisoner Rescue mission is back. The time for the ambulance to go from the prison to the airfield has been reduced. Mission works exactly as in RoF. Landing at the enemy airfield to pick up the prisoner will not be seen as a capture by the game. The Prisoner now mentions an area that must be searched for a target. This is similar to the Spy and general Capture missions of the past. When Landing at a friendly base the Prisoner mission activates a Reserve Unit target. The Trench attack mission is still triggered by completing the Trench Map recon. The Trench attack mission has been changed. It has been moved closer to the middle of the mud. It represents a weakness in the Central front lines. It is now a broken city. There are several broken cities on the map with tracers all around them. You will have to make sure you are at the correct position. There are 7 Central MG posts next to buildings and 9 Entente MG posts around the city in a semi circle. The MG posts on both sides have a circle of crates around them for easier spotting so that you know you are at the correct target. Entente must destroy all 7 Central posts and Central must destroy all 9 Entente MG posts. The first team to complete their mission blocks the other team from completing the mission. Success 1, Failure 0. This is a change from our normal scoring system. Updated maps and info will be posted shortly.
  17. Finally. Now that that is over you have more time for flying. Seriously, big CONGRATZ!
  18. Salute to the Flight Sim Community. Normally we would be offering Flanders in Flames Spring Campaign. Unfortunately we are not going forward with FiF at this time. The recent changes to the DM have created a huge disparity in plane survivability. We have made a commitment to FC as being the next generation WW I flight sim but do not want to put forward an event based on a sim with obvious problems. The developers are aware of the situation and are actively seeking a solution to the DM problem. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. At that time we will re-evaluate. Thank you for your support and understanding.
  19. S! Welcome. Our CO will be sending you some information regarding membership, shortly.
  20. S! All The original project was a skin file that started at time zero, All skins in use at that time were included. The goal was that new skins would be updates to that folder. Original big- follow on small. Within that overall goal was the idea future skins would be along the line of historical skins. Within that parameter some basic JG1 schemes were made. We are using those parameters for future skins, People doing skins will be guided into these schemes and given freedom for some personal variation. NO ONE wants to go back and redo skins. We also do not want people constantly tweaking their skins. When approved, new skins will be put into a pack and posted as an update. So, If you like your skin, you can keep your skin. promise.
  21. S! All The program has been running on the server for a bit. There was a suggestion that instead of Thursday night Flugpark we look over the next FiF. I am going to restart the server at 8:45. Would like to get multiple impressions from people on size and shape etcetera.
  22. Sorry, I got lost. I thought I had posted files for Davjack. Just unzip into the appropriate folder. ! JG1 AlbatrosD5 E__Davjack.zip ! JG1 PfalzD3a E_Davjack.zip
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