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Flying Circus New Pilot Model Concepts


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The archive footage is from September 1917.


You can verify that through the Dr.I.  Richthofen is flying F.I 102/17, with which he scored victories 60 and 61.  It's also the same machine that was transferred to Kurt Wolff after Richthofen went on leave.  Kurt Wolff himself had come back from leave on September 11th.  And it was in F.I 102/17 that Wolff was killed, on September 15th.


Here's F.I 102/17 with Anthony Fokker in the cockpit, and General-Major von Lossberg and Richthofen standing nearby.  This was taken at Marckebeeke, Belgium with Jasta 11.


Fokker F.I 102 17 v Lossberg MvR Adams.jpg


And here is the F.I 102/17, on or after September 15th, after being shot down by Camels of No.10 and No.70 RNAS.




No idea about the engine stuff.

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There is only on valve on top of the cylinder  (monosaupe). They were at the spot where the valve opens and squirting in  a fuel  and oil mixture to prime the cylinder. You have to do the cylinders individually. Similar to a 2 stroke, the fresh fuel and oil mixture is sucked in through ports in the bottom of the cylinder.


There is nothing like being close to one of these engines when fired up and smelling the burnt castor oil. It lets you know that this is the real deal.

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I'm excited about Flying Circus. It's been refreshing flying BoS and seeing up to 60 or more people on a server. Totally different experience than ROF. Hopefully Flying Circus will draw the numbers. 


FC's VR should be just as beautiful as BoX's, in which case, I'm already in love  :wub:

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