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IL-2 BoX Screenshot Thread


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Some Impressions of a bombing run with P-38s by @=GenMarkof007=, @loopy, @TedsOnMeds and me on Finnish Virtual Server from today.

Overall it went fine, allthough we unfortunatly lost Loopy on our way home, because we were feeling to save and some fighter simply surprised us from behind and shot Loopy down. Later on Gen got that guy, but if we would have taken more care on our formation we might have avoided that loss... 😕 

Gen was leading , Ted #2, Loopy #4, both on Gens 4 Postion and me #3 on his 820210114_1_Formation.thumb.jpg.e7cee4a8df7b91584b8684afcbddd070.jpg  

Turning in for the attack20210114_2_TurningIn.thumb.jpg.82330973a0b543ee9872a00ce60602e6.jpg

Dropping the bomb as #2 in the attack


Some of our bombs went long, but overall we damaged the depot by ~30%


Killing a Gun


Gen and Ted in Formation Landing


Stats at the after the mission



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Had some other great action tonight with @Greif @loopy @Heinrich @Erhardt and @=GenMarkof007=:

We just skip the mission Greif and me flew on TAW... 🙄😉

So first action was at Combat Box where we attacked Port of Antwerp, where Erhardt and me flew the 110s and others gave escort:


....package delivered:


Our fighter escort had fun meanwhile doing aerobats with some enemy fighters over the city 😉 


After that we flew on FinnishVirtual and did ground attacks on 2 enemy depots, Greif & Heinrich providing fighter escort, other in 110s



At the end we did devense patrols in mixed group of 109s & 190s and had quite some action over our own depot.... including working on an IL2 that swallowed several hits from Heinrich, Greif and myself but kept flying foward... it was unbelievable...



Finally all great action has come to an end... 😄


Was really great fun flyin with you guys 🙂



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These posts are such fun to see, your screenshots give an almost cinematographic impression of how our missions went. You chose excellent viewpoints for the screenshots showing our online endeavours, they sure make for some pretty pictures! 😄👍

Thanks for taking the time to put these with the story behind it on the forum.

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So another illustrated short report of a mission we had yesterday on TAW: @Vonrd and me in Ju-88s on a long range bombing mission to enemy depot, @Heinrich, @loopy, @Greif in fighters to escort us and help to distract and surpress ground fire. 

Due to heave cloud cover and strong windy situation we decided to make it a dive bomb run. We flew straight from As airfield just on top of upper cloud layer and arrived there according to plan: 


First trouble we had than was that we missed the point of pushing down because of the cloud cover, so we overflew and had to turn back towards the target during the dive. Then the drop of my wing mounted bombs was horrible, while Vonrd made placed his first group much better:


Therefore my 50kg package was placed pretty well on my designated target area:


So the attck itself went not too bad (according to mission events the Depot in Charleroi was damaged to 48%, allthough I cannot say how much of that was done by), we paid the highes price for this: Heavy ground fire and at least 3 enemy fighters first killed our complete escort, then they went for Vonrd and finally, just when I was about to reach the clouds again and thought I might have a chance to make it at least to friendly territory they killed me....


Lessons learned:

- Ground fire at enemy depots is a night mare. On TAW only go for the Depot if there is a chance for High Level Bombing AND you are able to form a larger package to distract AAA over the target!

- Best case have some escorts with you that fly above and can take care for enemy fighters attacking the bombers...  

- Possible alternative for such a situation: Form a large group of ground attackers, dive in from 2-3 K at maximum possble speed all together, drop all bombs at once (Again all together) and run to friendly lines as quick as anyhow possible...

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After TAW we switched to combat box where we flew allied side (same group of pilots like we had before: @Greif@Vonrd @Heinrich @loopy and me)... after defensive patrol with Spits we took P-38s to attack defense position. 

As combat box has Tacview recordings enabled I drop my file of the fight here: dogfight.2021-01-23_23-35-11_00.acmi

For me tac view does not load any ground objects so its not helpfull to see our performance on the ground attack, but it contains the fight against a 109 that joined us 🙂 And it shows that also a FW-190 was there but it did not join the party for what reason so ever.... 

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Some Impressions from a Mission we flew at Combat Box yesterday, where I flew Ju88 again and @Heinrich and @Vogel provided escort:

Dive bombing with the 6 x 250 kg:



Results of this pass seen out of Heinrichs and Vogels perspective... 😉



In the 2nd pass I dropped all the 50kgs pretty late, so only half of them went down in target zone.... => need much more practice in that 😕




Flight back home was cancled by a Spitfire...



But finally also that Pilot had to walk back home by foot 😜



If anyone is interested in more details: The Tacview recording of the complete attack  



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On Saturday after FiF @=GenMarkof007=, @loopy, @Greif and me did fly some missions in Tempests at Finnish Virtual again, inlcuding a ground attack on enemy depot:


2 Germans came in but in with great team action Loopy and Gen killed one of them, the other one hit the road...


After that attack we did some defensive patroling and overall on that map we downed 7 enemy planes while loosing none of our pilots... unfortunatly I did not record any of those actions.

Highlight was the last sortie where Loopy and Gen where RTB with empty guns while my Tempest was damaged by the backseat gunner of a 110 and suddenly a 109 appeared on my 6... I managed to evade his bullets while Greif in some heroic action (as beeing out of ammo too as he just recogniced in that situation!) scared that guy by chasing his 6 very closely. Finally this 109 couldn't keep my turn and suddenly found himself in the devense position against 2 Tempests so he ran away while Greif and me were able to make it back home... 😄


Stats looked pretty nice when we decided to called it a day.... 🥂



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It was a great evening, flying with @loopy, @=GenMarkof007= and @Etzel, very nice team work (thanks guys) and also amazing visuals: in the bombing mission we took off before sunrise in the dark and the sun came up on our way to the depot as you can see on Etzel's screenshots. Also, we had great results and even better: everybody did well, without losing anyone!

19 hours ago, Etzel said:

Highlight was the last sortie where Loopy and Gen where RTB with empty guns while my Tempest was damaged by the backseat gunner of a 110 and suddenly a 109 appeared on my 6... I managed to evade his bullets while Greif in some heroic action (as beeing out of ammo too as he just recogniced in that situation!) scared that guy by chasing his 6 very closely. Finally this 109 couldn't keep my turn and suddenly found himself in the devense position against 2 Tempests so he ran away while Greif and me were able to make it back home...

This was the best. After hearing Etzel on coms about his predicament (out of bullets, 109 on his six) I went asap looking for him. As I approached Etzel with the 109 (K4) on his tail, I sprayed some bullets mainly to get the 109's attention, making him realise that his prey had a buddy that was now on his tail... only to run out with that very last burst! Even though the 109 persisted in his attack on Etzel, I figured that the best I could do is to concentrate on taking a menacing position, which wasn't too hard with the 2 to 1 situation in our advantage. I (like to) imagine that the 109 must have been intimidated with that Tempest on his tail, clearly in a good shooting position, (somewhat) leisurely following his manoeuvres without shooting, like a cat playing with his food :D. In any case, in sofar as he considered the possibility that his pursuer just ran out of bullets, he clearly didn't feel like gambling as he broke off to the West to my(our) relief. Followed him a bit for good measure to let him know he messed with the wrong Tempests with 0 bullets, after which we could return safely to our airfield and keep the evening with no losses on our side.

Thanks again @Etzel for taking the time to making the screenshots (look good) and share the visuals and the narrative of our adventures on the forum, great fun to see!

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Again some great missions at finnish virtual loose deuce together with @Greif, @=GenMarkof007=, @loopy, @Wittmann and @Vonrd. Also  @Dudley was active in parallel but driving a tank 

1st impression are from attacking a station, where Gen flew the 110 and all others took FW-190, most with the A6 modification with 3x250kg (what is nice and accurate load out btw). We were pretty seccussfull and on our way home we even shot down 2 U-2s after Dudley reported them (but I no recording of that action)

2nd group of pics is of the last mission, where Vonrd and me flew Ju-52 in a paradrop mission, while Greif, GenMarkof and Loopy escorted us in 109s 




Succsessfull landing after package delivery 😉 


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