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Good bye, my friends


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Salute all!


There's no easy way to go about this, really. I have been involved in Rise of Flight since 2012 and loved every minute of it. But there comes a time when all good things must come to an end. As of today, I am leaving Jagdgeschwader 1 and combat flight sims. 


I am not bitter or angry. I am not disillusioned. Please understand that no one drove me away. This is merely me entering a new stage in my life; a stage where I need to focus on other things. Although it is one of the hardest decisions I've ever made, it is the right one for where I'm at. 


For three years, I have been a part of this amazing organization. It has been my privilege and pleasure. I was part of the Rise of Flight community as development shifted away from Rise of Flight, and now, as I leave, the future is brighter than ever for WW1 flight sims. Keep the dream alive, gents. 


The one thing I'll regret most about leaving is missing the friendships I've formed - too many to count. It has been an absolute honor to know you all. Thank-you for the camaraderie, training, sparring, and flying. I will deeply, deeply miss it. 


This squad has been simply the best, the most amazing group of people I could have ever imagined being a part of. I am so grateful for all the time everyone has invested in me. 

I will never say never, but at this time in my life, this is goodbye. I will be putting my flight sim gear up for sale later this week. 


Salute and blue skies to you all!


- JG1_Hotlead


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In life, there are friends, and there are FRIENDS.


You've always been in the latter category, in my book.


If you've thought of me even half as well as I've thought of you, I'll be very happy, indeed.


See beyond your current situation, having faith that things will get better, as they have for all of us here; we were once where you are now.


If at the end of my life, I'm afforded the opportunity to remember the best people that I've known in my life, you sir will be on that list, without question.


Gott Mit Uns!





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It's hard to see you leave us.  I wish you a lot of luck on everything that you tackle.  You have a lot of friends here, and are always welcome.


Perhaps, when things change, you'll be able to come back and join us again.  Just as with Barton, going to the Reserves is always an option. *hint hint*


Wishing you all the best in the next phase of your life!

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Thanks for the kind words, guys! 


Smolders: Thanks man. I haven't gotten the opportunity to fly with you as much as I would have liked, but from the times we have flown together, I can tell that you catch on quick. You'll be a killer in no time! I've also really enjoyed reading your fictional letters home. Very well-written and immersive! 


Ricky Recon: Looks like you'll have to find someone else to carry your ammo drums...gonna miss you man! You are one of the best tail gunners I've ever seen. When I hear you're on recon and need an escort, I sometimes think you ask us along just to show off how handy you are with those tail turrets when you get engaged. :lol: Keep it up! 


Shadepiece: I haven't been able to fly with you very much either, but when I have, it has been an absolute pleasure. You have a tactical mind which makes it easy to fly with you. Complex team-tactics like the thatch weave seem to run seamlessly and without much premeditated planning when I fly with you. You have a lot you can offer this group; keep those SPADs in fear of JG1 for me!


Vonrd: You were the guy who initially invited me to join the group. Thank you so much for that!!! I admire how easy-going and amiable you are. You are also the true jack-of-all trades of our group. One night you'll fly two-seaters, the next night level bombers, and another night fighters. I find that amazing. Thank-you for taking me under your wing so many times as I worked to learn new skills. You're absolute gold, man. :)


GenMarkof007: Thank you! I'll always remember you as the flamboyant devil-may-care Ace of our group. With bravado you take to the skies and return to toast your successes with wine and cheese. It has been such fun flying with you! Keep the other guys from getting too stiff, ok? :lol:


Razwald: When I'm in an engagement, it is refreshing to hear your level-headed voice on comms. You can keep your head when everything is going down. That's a trait that elevates the potential of the entire flight and a trait I really, really admire! It has been a pleasure winging with you. 


JG-1_Trev5150: Thanks! I haven't flown much with you, but I distinctly remember our brief time together in ARMA III Coop. I still am amazed how you can wander into a dense jungle, call out 7 different contacts and take them all out before I have the courage to leave cover from behind my tree stump! :lol: It's mind-boggling to say the least. 


Lipfert: No April Fool's here, I'm afraid. I actually am leaving. It has been awesome winging up with you! I sincerely appreciate your tech know-how and patience in helping me set up things like reshaders for ROF. Thanks so much for all you did for me and for others in this squad! 


Luftritter: Oh man, what can I say? You were the best wingman I ever had in all my years flying ROF. When I winged up with you, I felt invincible, like we could take on the world together. You're a killer shot and a master of all things scout. I love how you consistently pushed me out of my "Albies-only" comfort zone to try new things. (Still not sold on the N.17 though. Them things is only good for Alby-fodder! :lol: ) You have been an amazing friend and I have truly been privileged to know you!!! Salute!


Britchot: I have always respected you, man. I love how your Twitch channel has been growing! Your livestreams are entertaining and engaging to watch. I really respect how you've been Klai's right-hand man in keeping this group together. JG1 as it is shows a lot of your influence - and that's saying a lot because I think we're the best dang group out there! 


Snaggle: I love it every time your Tennessee accent comes on comms. You're kinda like Clint Eastwood...you don't talk fast but you're not to be trifled with. An absolute Ace in the ground-pounding role, I think you are one of the best we've got. Keep the bomb-flinging going man! 


Schafer: I didn't get to know you as well as I would have liked either. I think you are one of the rising stars in JG1. You haven't been around this game long, but you're already killing stuff. Nice!!! Keep learning and keep accruing victories. You're in good hands with these guys. :)


Klaiber: You have my utmost respect for the way you have held the helm of this group. At a time when other groups have been dissolving and shrinking, under your direction JG1 has swelled and matured. You carried us through the drought years and now with Bodenplatte and Flying Circus on the horizon, JG1 is a healthy, functioning group ready to hit the ground running. Thank-you also for your tireless work in doing all the bookwork so the rest of us didn't have to and could concentrate on flying. If JG1 is a being, then you are its heart. 


Pfeil: It has been great fun seeing your after-action reports! I really admire how you and the rest of J6 stick together as a disciplined, cohesive unit. You guys are not to be taken lightly when you enter the field of battle! I also remember the one flight I flew with you guys a couple FiFs back. It was great getting some first-hand knowledge of the Slovak language - ÄŽakujem, my friend! :D Maybe I'll be back, but right now it's looking like this is good-bye. ;)


Moxy: I learned so much from you regarding leadership and teamwork! In fact, if you hadn't repeatedly "volunteered" me for flight lead duty, I might have never gotten the taste for it and had been contented to stay a wingman all my days in JG1. Anything good about my flight leadership is directly attributable to you, man. Thanks for all you do! Keep teaching these new guys how to "rock n roll!" 

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Herr Hotlead

I've been a part of this family for a long time and I've seen many guys come and go. Although I have not been active all the time I have always kept close and know the importance that each of us represents for the whole group.
As well as being an excellent fighter and leader, you are a great human being. I'm glad you've made a conscious decision, you're young and the world is ahead of you. So go ahead, we'll always be here.

Big Salute

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Salute and blue skies to you all!
- JG1_Hotlead



Hotlead - I feel like we became friends even though our acquaintance has been brief and interaction limited, so I am truly sorry to see you go. Thanks again for the refuge of your RoF streams; I'll miss those, too, since it appears that's as close as I'll get to flying with JG1 for some time yet.


Wishing you tailwinds in every direction you go - except when landing, of course.


Best Regards,



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Hey Hotlead,


I know what this is about, I being the last JG1 member shot down by you, youre getting while the gettin's good, before I can get my revenge LOL.


In all seriousness, it has been a pleasure and learning experience every time I got to fly with you.  Youre an awesome pilot and its sad that you have to take your leave.  I know that at times in your life, you have to step back and re-eval whats going on in your life, and make hard decisions, but just remember that when the dust settles, we'll still be around, and I look forward to your eventual return.

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Hey Hotlead,


that's are really sad news (for us at least) and it doubles my pain that I missed yesterdays session in FiF as the last Chance to fly with you for long time at least.


However: Every flight I had with or against you was pure fun and pleasure.  You were not only a big asset of JG1 but for the RoF comunity in general, last but not least because of your twitch stream.


Wish you all the best for every step you take in your future life and hope that somewhen and somewhere we will meet in again in virtual skies…..


Maybe from time to time you'll find some minutes to drop in here for a short "hello" and just to see what's going on in the sim-world ;)


Salute Hotlead and thanks for everything you gave to the comunity 

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S! Hotlead,


It's been a pleasure to fly with you and you've been a great inspiration to the group.

Games can teach us many things that translate into real life and I'm sure you'll always do well with whatever is in your sites.


I'm glad it's a positive thing that pulls you away for growth and change.


Keep your powder (and your PC) dry.

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S! Hotlead


Saying you will be missed is a gross understatement.


  I have already gone though three boxes of kleenex. 



I think Etzel said it best "thanks for everything you gave to the community"   


It is not just the online guide, the great videos, the streaming series, the personal help you have given to many but your very presence that has been an inspiration.


You will always have a place at the table and be more than welcome.


We are all wishing you good things as you move forward. 

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JG-1_Trev5150: Thanks! I haven't flown much with you, but I distinctly remember our brief time together in ARMA III Coop. I still am amazed how you can wander into a dense jungle, call out 7 different contacts and take them all out before I have the courage to leave cover from behind my tree stump! :lol: It's mind-boggling to say the least. 




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